Genoger, Madretsma's Most Wanted

Group Loot

Just a way to keep track of the cumulative spoils of battle
that we may not carry on our persons.

Medium Cart X1

Mithral Full-plate Armor X2*

Military Spears X???

Keg of Halfling “Gum-Brew” (???) X1

Dwarven Adamantine Helm of Mind Shielding** X1


*Exchanged one suit for some of the rewards we got on 9/21/214

**Assuming this behaves identically to the Ring;

“Mind Shielding: The wearer is continually immune to detect thoughts, discern lies, and any attempt to magically discern her alignment.”

DM has also stated that called shots to the head may break the weapon that strikes it!


PLEASE help add or modify this as needed!


As a side-note!

While masterwork weapons are available from any skilled
craftsman, the dwarves have perfected their skills to an
almost magical degree. They possess secrets of smithing
and weapon engineering that outstrip cultures that are
less challenged by both their natural environment and
competition for its limited resources. While many dwarf
weaponsmiths and armorers are capable of crafting masterwork
items, as normal, dwarf smiths have created another
category of quality that goes beyond masterwork. Appropriately,
such items are generally referred to as dwarvencraft
Dwarvencraft items are always of masterwork quality.
Only items crafted primarily of metal or stone are available
in dwarvencraft quality. An item must be declared
a dwarvencraft item at the time of its creation; items
cannot be upgraded to dwarvencraft quality once fi nished.
Dwarven craft items are crafted using the rules for masterwork
crafting on page 71 of the Player’s Handbook. The
dwarvencraft component of an item has a Craft DC of 22.
Prices for dwarvencraft items include the cost for masterwork
A dwarvencraft item is stronger and harder than a comparable
masterwork item. A dwarvencraft item’s hardness
increases by 2, and it gains an additional 10 hit points. In
addition, it gains a +2 bonus on all saving throws. All of
these effects stack with the similar bonuses for magic items
if the dwarvencraft item is made magical.
A dwarvencraft weapon costs 600 gp more than a standard
weapon of its type. Dwarvencraft armor and shields
cost 300 gp more than standard armor and shields.

(Races of Stone, Page 159)

Group Loot

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