Genoger, Madretsma's Most Wanted

Carpe' Dragoon~!

So it got set up!


Where is Mr. Hammer?


I know me, my Exorcist buddy and some strange Bird-man
were catching the next caravan to Medretsma,
so we could try and pick up the trail…

But some Dumb-luck bard somehow
ended up being at point zero of the event,
followed by getting shit-faced drunk
and getting robbed by a Devious Midget,
not even noticing a Dark Assassin
waltzing through his new room!

Did the Lizard Fool even notice
the “explosive” bar fight
involving that Flea-Bag Merc?

What in Stone’s name is going on here?!?!

~Mr. Hammer

*Disclaimer; Dwarves don’t like change very often,
especially when they don’t understand it.


We MAY be able to use my crazy Special Mount to travel to the city.

Only limitation seems to be getting a cart…

Carpe' Dragoon~!

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